Saturday Market

On Saturdays there is a Market around the corner from my place. It is the largest in Eindhoven and pretty amazing. There are stalls with just about anything you can think of, fruit, fish, chicken, bike parts, olives, bread, underwear, fabrics....everything really. This was the second time I had gone and decided to take the new camera with me. Turns out the new camera has a bit of dust in the all the images have to be cleaned up after the fact. Not much I can do now, besides take the lens apart and try cleaning it. That is a task for another day. 

The Market is in the parking area of a the shopping area. 

I met up with Nienke who was already there. She has been collecting stamps from a local grocery chain and she was redeeming them for some new knives. Which we badly need. The ones that are currently in the house are not the greatest and could be replaced. 

So we met up and she grabbed a bag of nuts from one of the vendors, as well as a bunch of snacks from a Turkish cart. She then asked if I wanted to try the raw Herring that Dutch people like. I had seen a it a few times already. Small raw but salted Herring, with chopped onions on it. I didn't think it would be to bad, I mean I've had sushi plenty of times before and I love that. 

So we got one each and proceeded to grab it by the tail and go at it. It was pretty good. A mild fish taste, and already pretty tasty. I'd probably like to do it again, but in a bun with some other veggies as well. 

After that, she headed to the train to spend the weekend in Belgium for work reasons. 

I headed over to the Indonesian cafe that has some good food. They do Indonesian and Japanese I believe. But the also have Won Ton Soup. It's pretty good. Lauren thinks the best she's had is at a place in Richmond, I think this might be better. 

After I warmed up with some soup I did another lap of the market, hoping to come up with dinner ideas. In the end I bough some buns. 

I've since come home and have spent the rest of the day battling with school work and distractions. 

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