The Past Week.

This past week hasn't been too eventful. Mostly just working on school research and ideation. We did have a field trip to Efteling. It's the Disneyland of the Netherlands.  The history of park is that a small playground was built in the 1930's. It had a fairytale theme and was the premise for the future park as well. You can see this in the way that all the rides are presented. There is a story associated with each ride and it is part of the experience. For instance, the one rollercoaster called the Barron is supposed to be a mine cart going underground. While you are waiting in line you are taken in 2 groups of 18 (number of people per coaster car) into 2 rooms. Each one with an elaborate story and presentation. The first room was the inside of an old mine and the the mine owner tells you why you are working for him and going down into the mine. To collect gold, so much gold. But then the mine owner is interrupted by 3 white lady ghosts that are projected on the walls and fly around the room. Apparently they are the keepers of the gold and they don't want us to take any. 


Then we are hearded into another room to line up for the coaster cars. While waiting in the room, you are presented with another small show. An animatronic owner looks down on you from a small balcony and gives you engourging words that everything will be fine. 

Then you are loaded onto the rollercoaster and the ride begins.....or does it......the coaster moves forward a little bit, then stops and the story continues. The white ladies come back and  warn us again about taking the gold. Then, the ride actually starts. After that, the whole ride actually lasts about 1 minute. So you spend 15 minutes listening to the story and 1 minute experiencing the ride. 

They have a wooden rollercoaster that is actually 2 separate coasters beside each other. The blue one and the red one. They are actually racing each other. So they take of at the same time and both start their drop together, and then cross over, go under each other and do rollercoaster stuff. 

At the end of the ride there is a finish line that the people waiting to load can't see. Then as both sets of cars come back into the loading area, banners drop down from the ceiling above the car that won. It was fun. Made waiting a little exciting, because there was the anticipation of which side was going to win. 

The weather turned kind of bad, with lots of rain and it was pretty cold. But this only made it better for us, lots of people left the park and we were able to ride the rides over and over again with out waiting. 

The day was definitely a good way to gain some experience with movement and motion, which is what the whole point of the excursion was for. 


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