Day 2


Praha: Prague for all the North Americans. 


    We started the day by breaking down our stealth camping spot and moving the vehicle outside the city centre a bit. Not super far, so we were able to bike into the centre. It was about a 15-20 minute bike ride of slightly getting lost before were at the bar we had drinks at the night before. We parked our bikes outside and started our wandering. 

    First stop was walking across the main bridge (the Charles Bridge) and looking for the Lennon Wall. We got lost finding it and spent about 30 mins or so eventually getting there.  It should have been maybe 2 minutes from where we originally got off the bridge, but we missed a turn and ended up doing large loop through a park. 

After that we walked through old town towards the castle on the top of the hill. It was super hot and we stopped for a cold beer half way up. 

Pilsner of course, it was just what the doctor ordered. The view was amazing from the top and we took a couple of Panos. We then walked down to grab the bikes and head towards the Jewish cemetery. On the way out of the centre we stopped by the famous astrological clock in the main square. It’s pretty cool looking. I only remember it from Ewan McGregor making fun of it in the Long Way Round Series. 

    There was also some food vendors in the centre square, one of which was selling Prague ham piece and a potato, cheese and sauerkraut mix. The prices seemed reasonable, and the sales sheet was marked at 100g….IT”S A TRAP!!!! They don’t use the Euro, so you have to be quick on your exchange math.  They didn’t ask how much we wanted and chunked off a huge slab of meat. Then filled a giant bowl with the mix. Ended up costing us most of our cash, even after we said we wanted half the amount of meat. So be warned… specific. We ate as much as we could and then saved the rest to have as left overs later. 

    Next we tried to find the Jewish Cemetery, and got lost among the cobblestone streets of prague. And when I say cobble stone, I mean extremely cobbled stones. There are huge 8-10 cm gaps in the stones. So it makes for a very bumpy ride on bicycles. Sprinter (my bike) was shaken to bits and was making all kinds of noise by the end of the day. We eventually managed to find the cemetery, but the heat of the day and the line to get in drove us away. Prague was hot. And I think I was dehydrated, and could only think of getting out of the heat island. So despite it’s beauty we decided to call it day for Praha. 

    We headed back to Dotty in her shady spot we’d left her and loaded up the bikes. We headed south on the map to Slappy Lake, on the Vltava River. We were able to find a camp site that had WIFI, laundry, showers, hotplates and a pretty great view for about 7 Euros. So we stopped there. 

The first thing we did was go for a swim in the river. It was so refreshing. The part of the river we were on was more of a lake than a river, so it was quite calm and surrounded by weekend cottages. 

We made some pasta and passed out pretty quickly that night. Mid way through the night we woke up to the sound of rain, or should I say Lauren woke up to rain and I woke up to Lauren nudging me and telling me it was raining.  We scrambled to get anything we left out under cover and to close up the windows of the van some more. It made for a nice cool night to sleep though and neither of us woke up again until morning. 


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