Day 6- Vienna and Dotties first Doctors Visit.

    We had a restful sleep and woke up fairly early. We broke down camp and headed into a near by town to find a spot to have breakfast. A local soccer club had a fantastic parking lot near a public park. So we set about heating water and having cereal while the parks maintenance crew watched. I don’t think they knew what to make of us and a couple works made a second lap in there truck to see what was going on. They smiled and waved when they drove by. 


    The plane was to get to Vienna and find someone to take a look at Dottie. We were able to find a service centre called ARBO. Which we later found out was the place you take your car every year to get the certification. The man behind the desk spoke no english, but lucky a kind older gentleman in a camper happen to walk in. He spoke english and was able to translate. The ARBO man took the keys without saying much and went for a drive. He then pulled back into the garage and put her quickly through a couple tests on the rolling wheels to test the front and rear. HE then put her on the hoist and immediately started pulling rust off her body and shaking his head. Through our translator we learned that the left linkage was in bad shape and he said dangerous. Then he said that if he was certifying her she wouldn't get her certification. The gentleman that was helping us said that they take their job seriously and and things are usually not nearly bad as they make it out to be. Th ARBO employee was able to call a MIDAS shop across town who had the part we needed and said they could do it today. We thanked our translator who we chatted with and learned he’d travelled in all along the west coast of Canada and USA a few years ago. We thanked the ARBO man who didn’t charge us anything and then headed to MIDAS. 


    When we arrived, they said they would have a look at everything and give us a quote in and hour. So we grabbed the bikes and went for a short exploration of Vienna. Really, we stayed close and went for lunch. We grabbed some street meat at a stand and sat in the park watching the pigeons try and scrounge our bread crumbs. 

    MIDAS said that they had the part and gave a us a reasonable quote, so told them to do it. It actually gave us the opportunity to visit the city for the day and not have to worry about parking. They said it would be done in a couple hours, and we could pick it up any time before they closed. 

    We rode around the city for a few hours sightseeing and setting up a plan of attack for the next day. Then we picked up Dottie and headed to the camp ground we had planned on staying. It was right near the Donoue and had plenty of services of course. We did laundry, and had a nice dinner. 

    Lauren wanted to ride into the city and I wasn’t really in the mood. I stayed back and did some writing and she went on a night time excursion. She checked out the free show theyhave in the centre of the city every night during the summer. It was one of the plans we were going to do the next night. 

    She said it was an easy ride through the park and that it won’t take us long to get into town tomorrow. With that, we went to bed.

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