Day 3: THE Bone Chapel....and Murderous Woods....

Day 3.


    What a great sleep. I know I slept like a log and we were able to keep the back hatch of Dotty open. That helps with the airflow quite a bit, and lets me hang my feet out the end. Because of Dot’s short interior length, the bed we set up isn’t what you’d call long, sitting at a maximum length of 160 cm. It’s perfect for Lauren, but I need to sleep on an angle, or curled up a little. So it’s nice when I can stretch out a bit. 


    Todays goal was to head to the Bone chapel in Kunta Hora. It’s a small chapel that a monk brought some earth back from Holy Land way back in the day.… I don’t know the exact date, but pre plague days. He sprinkled it around the grounds of the chapel, and because of this everyone wanted to be buried there. This meant that they ended up having lots of bodies. And over time, lots of bones in the Crypt. They believe that there are the bones of 20,000 + people. Eventually they started using the bones as decoration and created very ornate decorations in the chapel. Even a huge chandelier. I didn’t know much about the church prior to seeing it on Long Way Round. And to be honest I hadn’t thought of it until it appeared as a point of interest on our trip. So I became pretty excited when I realized we could go see it. 


    It was pretty amazing actually. The use of bones for decoration was not nearly as weird as I thought. It was actually quite beautiful and I wouldn’t mind if my bones were used in such a way. When you enter the Chapel, you head down a few stairs into the crypt. This is where there 4 huge stacks of bones. One in each corner of the space, stacked into a pyramid shape. They are all quite white in colour and it is believed that because of the holy earth, your bones bleach white in 3 days. IN the centre of the space is where the massive chandelier hangs. However, on our visit, it wasn’t there. It had been removed for maintenance. So that’s a bit disappointing. Since I don’t have a photo of it anyways, I’ve included a picture of it from the internet. 


    We then headed out of town. Lauren chose this moment as the moment to start driving. She did great. No stalls at all. Dotty did have a minor heart attack though. While Lauren was driving, a dash light that looked liked a heart beat monitor came on. But then went away fairly quickly. Then came on again later. And then went off. It’s french car and tends to have some electrical issues. Such as the odometer not working, and occasionally the speedometer stops, then comes back on. So Dotties heart attack wasn’t that serious to us. We figured the dash light was just indicating that she had figured out that she might have an electrical issue. It doesn’t seem to effect her, so it’s just one of her many quirks. We don’t think Laurens driving was the cause. 

    We found a grocery store and picked up some supplies and continued our drive towards the Moravsky Karsts. A series of caves. The sun was setting and it was starting to rain, so it slowed our progress and caused the sun to seem like it was setting earlier than normal. I spotted a road that lead into a small woods area just off the side of the main road and we decided to check it out. 

    It turned out to be a great little camping spot secluded from the road and under the cover of trees. So it was quite dry. We decided to finish the night here. Lauren had initial worries of crazed murders in the woods, but eventually those worries went away and it turned into a great spot. It continued to rain through out most of the night, and helped to make a nice cool sleep in Dotty. 



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