Day 4: Cave diving and Competitions....

Day 4. 


    Woke up refreshed and no signs of woods murders. The plan was to get to the Caves today and check them out. 

    I drove in the morning because of heavy rain we encountered, and Dotty also had developed a minor shake at certain speeds. I thought maybe the alignment was a bit off, but felt it would be better if I was driving.  At this point we have concluded that dotty needs to take it easy.  At this point she's already had 2 -3 heart attacks, has severe arthritis and is starting to show signs of early parkinsons.

    We got to the caves fairly early in the day, but there were no tickets left for the day. We were told to come back in the morning and we could get them then. There was a smaller cave (Katerinska Jeskyne)  tour that had space available, so we decided to check that out. It was really cool. There was evidence of it being used by humans for a very long time. The tour was in Czech, so we didn’t get the full experience. But they’ve found remains of all kinds of animals in it as well. There were all kinds of stalactites and stalagmites. The tour the next day was supposed to be even more impressive.  It includes a boat tour through one of its rivers, so that was something to look forward too. 

    After the caves we drove to a camp ground near by. It was on a lake and had all the facilities that you’d expect from a Eurocamp. Small restaurant, shop, showers, bathrooms, wifi, playground for the kids….just about everything. It even had mini putt!!!! Lauren and I make it a point to play a round of mini putt whenever we can. So far she’s not beaten me, but one day. Maybe this day. 

    It was the hardest mini putt we’ve ever played. Concrete putting surfaces, and steel pipes for side walls. Even with astroturf and wooded sides, we wouldn’t have done much better. The holes were just so freak’n hard. I think we both had double digit scores on multiple occasions. Lauren had the lead through 9 holes, but the back 9 ate her up. I managed to keep a clear head and finish strong for the win!!! One day Lauren, one day. 

    After mini putt, we went for a ride around the lake. I think Lauren wanted to beat me at the ride to make up for mini putt. Kidding. But we did come across an outdoor memory game along the trail. One of the ones where you have to turn over discs and find it’s match. They were all nature themed, acorns, and different types of leaves and trees. It was another hard fought battle and Lauren had the lead until the end. Once again I took her down on the final turn. Sorry hun, I know you don’t want me to let you win. 

    We ended the day with some nice pasta and a comfortable sleep while it rained again. 


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